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        1. M70 three major advantages

          Quick location under weak GPS signal environment H.265 Compression

          H265 1080P HD
          Aviation Interface
          Bluetooth support
          “ See clear under weak light not need infrared ”

          ——Night vision auto switch

          Quick location under weak GPS signal environment

          To make safety and happiness with science and technology.Focus on client requirement, provide advanced video security monitoring solution and cloud service.

          Temperature protect
          Short circuit protection
          Voltage protection
          Current protection
          Battery protection
          Hardware protection

          Enjoying experience

          Upgrade traditional common process to user experience chip technology

          Enjoying experience

          1080P HD 2 million HD Built-in light sensor Night view auto switch

          Enjoying experience

          Multi direction correction for feedback to ensure Aesthetics

          Good signal

          Wide coverage, wide area, good effect


          No limit, no limit, accurate direction

          Many people

          Can speak more people, voice clear

          USB charging

          Charging speed is fast,Long service time

          Functional utility

          USB charging, GPS positioning

          Long battery life

          Can speak more people, voice clear

          Online Service

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