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          Company dynamics
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          • Let's meet in Moscow Securika during Mar 20-23
            Let's meet in Mosco Securika Moscow during Mar 20-23, will you go to visit pleasa? Do come to our booth C155. Our products had been used in 2014 Brazil FIFA security, may also be used in 2018 Rassian FIFA.
            I am sure our devices will leave you good impression.
          • Secutech Thailand From Nov 16th-18th
            Secutech Thailand F We are going to attend the Secutech Thailand during Nov 16th-18th. Please visit us in booth M16 if you will be there too.
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          Online Service

          Shenzhen Citops Systems Co.,Ltd

          Tel:86 755 2373 9126

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          Address:Room 1105-1113, Bldg. C, Qinghu Tech Park, Qingxiang Road,Qinghu Community, Longhua Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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